We perfectly know which are our values ​​and we want to continue developing this successful business policy that has accompanied until today.


GROUP VIDAL, made by the companies ESTABLIMENTS VIDAL, HOTELCO, TROTA, CANAL IMPULSA i TALLER SIM,is a family business where relationships and human values ​​are very important and are an essential part of our way of life.

We are constantly seeking new products and new types of items that may be of interest to our customers. We have a specialized sales department to ensure a professionalized marketing for each section, looking for sustainable growth.


Win-Win philosophy is our goal. We want to be the best intermediary between manufacturers and customers, always with the aim that business is shared fairly. 1,500 customers from various sectors trust us and our sales team visits them regularly.


We work together with brands we represent, always thinking to respond quickly to the demands of our customers (promotions, special lots, sales…).


We understand that our role is to be the store for our customers and this is the reason why the service has to be immediate. To this end, we serve on a daily basis in all locations, and work from Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day, to ensure the best service.


We try to avoid duplication of different products. Our mission is to be good prescribers of our represented brands to avoid creating competition between those that trust us.